Thienes Apparel

About Us

Our Mission

We aim to make the highest quality garments while keeping cost competitive.  Our full package services cover all elements of production to help streamline orders from A to Z.   We pride ourselves on the trust customers instill with us to run their orders efficiently at the highest standard provided in garment production.

Every customer we work with has a different development process and we are flexible in working the best way possible to fits their needs. By offering pattern making, first sample protos, and fabric sourcing we can work closely in the beginning with designers and product development.  We can also work from a tech pack or sample to move forward directly in to production. Our lead-times are quick with all cutting, sewing, printing, and finishing in-house.

We strive to hire the highest skilled employees and provide them with the best work environment possible so they stay with us for years and possible decades to come.  All of our employees are paid fair legal wages and have excellent working conditions.

With 2 full factories we have a wide range of abilities and are able to produce most garments.  Our main location has several different types of machines and can run most knits. Our second factory specializes in active wear.  From t-shirts to more detailed activewear leggings and jackets, our factories are fully equipped with machinery to make the highest quality garments.   The craftsmanship and attention detail is important to each person on our staff which is shown through their work.

We have a lot of experience in running garment dye programs and work closely with a dye house off-site that has a huge offering of different washes and treatments for programs requiring it.  

Since 1995 Thienes Apparel has provided the fashion industry with high quality garment production services.  The owner Lily Shen, started working in manufacturing soon after graduating college with a degree in Engineering.   With her family already in the business, she quickly learned the ins and outs of the garment manufacturing business and opened her first location in 1995.  Since then, Thienes has maintained 3 locations in El Monte and an office in China.

With outstanding communication and attention to detail, our production staff is not only a pleasure to work with but also gets the job done.  With in-house account coordinators placed with each account, information and problem solving is communicated quickly to prevent or quickly solve any hiccups.  We know production can be a headache especially when balancing with all the other factors of your line. We want production to be our job, not yours.